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Slim SEO Link Manager works nicely with most plugins. It allows you to analyze content from these plugins and give you correct reports for links.


Custom fields plugins

Slim SEO Link Manager can also analyze content from custom fields. To enable this feature, you need to use the slim_seo_link_manager_post_custom_fields filter to add custom fields to the plugin.

add_filter( 'slim_seo_link_manager_post_custom_fields', function( $fields ) {
$fields[] = 'my-text-field';
return $fields;

After running this filter, the plugin will get the content of the custom field (in the example above, the meta key of the custom field is my-text-field) and analyze that content to find links and add to the reports.


The filter slim_seo_link_manager_post_custom_fields works with simple text custom field. So, we recommend using a text custom field to enter your content. You can do it easily with plugins like ACF or Meta Box.

If you want to analyze links in a complex custom fields, like Meta Box's group or ACF's flexible content, please use the filter slim_seo_link_manager_text. This filter allows you to modify the text that's used to analyze for links.

add_filter( 'slim_seo_link_manager_text', function( $text, $post_id ) {
// Get your custom fields' values.
$your_text = '';

$text .= $your_text;
return $text;
}, 20, 2 );

Here is an example using the filter to get content from ACF's flexible content:

add_filter( 'slim_seo_link_manager_text', function( $text, $post_id ) {
// Getting content from a flexible content group.
$field_data = get_field( 'article_builder' );
$result = [];
array_walk_recursive( $field_data, function( $v ) use ( &$result ) {
$result[] = $v;
} );
$your_text = implode( ' ', $result );

return $text;
}, 20, 2 );

Page builder plugins

For page builder plugins, Slim SEO Link Manager gets content built with them and use this content for analyze internal and external links.

  • Beaver Builder
  • Breakdance
  • Bricks Builder
  • Divi
  • Elementor
  • Oxygen Builder

Other plugins

  • Polylang