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Adding a license key

Before using Slim SEO Link Manager, you need to add your license key. Go to Settings > Slim SEO and click the License tab, then enter the license key in the input box:

Add license key in Slim SEO Link Manager

Then click Save Changes to validate the license key. If your license key is valid and your license is active, you can start scanning links in your posts. Otherwise, you'll see a notification in the admin area to update the license key.


What happens if my license expires?

In this case, the plugin will work normally. You'll still have access to all the plugin features and admin settings. However, you won't receive any updates or bug fixes, or support from us.

Can I define the license key in wp-config.php?

Yes, you can. Please define your license key as follows:

define( 'SLIM_SEO_LINK_MANAGER_KEY', 'your license key here' );

In this case, the plugin won't save the license key in the database and hide it from all eyes.