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Auto Redirection

Auto redirect attachment page to the attachment file URL

When you upload any file to WordPress, WordPress creates an attachment page for that file. This page provides very little information about the file and the page looks quite empty. As search engines already index the files, allowing attachment pages to be indexed make duplicated content and increase the bounce rate. It’s better to disable the attachment pages.

Without any configuration from users, Slim SEO will help you to disable the attachment pages automatically and redirects them to the file URL. Users will see the real file and thus, no empty pages.

Auto redirect author page to the homepage if needed

If the website has only one author, then the author page is almost the same as the blog page or homepage. Indexing the author page makes a duplicated content and provide no value to the users. So Slim SEO auto redirects this author page to the homepage.

Another case is if authors has no posts, their page will be empty. Thus, indexing them is bad for SEO. In this case, Slim SEO also redirects these pages to the homepage.