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Slim SEO has the breadcrumbs support via the [ slim_seo_breadcrumbs ] shortcode. Using the shortcode, you can output the breadcrumb trail on your WordPress website easily.

Note: Please remove the extra spaces after [ and before ] when copy and paste the shortcode.

Slim SEO supports aria-* for breadcrumbs for better accessibility.

Shortcode attributesโ€‹

The [ slim_seo_breadcrumbs ] shortcode has the following attributes (all are optional):

  • separator: The separator between breadcrumb items. Default ยป.
  • display_current: Whether or not display the current page. Default true.
  • taxonomy: The taxonomy that you want to output in the breadcrumb trail when you're on a single post (or post type). Default category.
  • label_home: Label for home item. Default Home.
  • label_search: Label for search results page. Default Search Results for โ€œ%sโ€.
  • label_404: Label for 404 page. Default Page not found.

Styling breadcrumbsโ€‹

To make it easier to style breadcrumbs, the plugin uses some CSS classes:

  • breadcrumbs: For the wrapper of the breadcrumbs.
  • Each breadcrumb item has a class breadcrumb.
  • The first and the last breadcrumb item has a class breadcrumb--first and breadcrumb--last correspondingly. It's very useful when you want to style the "Home" with icon or something similar.
  • Separator has a class breadcrumb__separator.

Using these class, you're able to style every detail of the breadcrumb trail.

Output breadcrumbs with PHPโ€‹

If you want to output the breadcrumbs in your template with PHP, simply do this:

echo do_shortcode( '[ slim_seo_breadcrumbs ]' );