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Facebook Open Graph Tags

Open Graph tags are essential when you want to boost your social SEO. Adding Open Graph meta tags to your web page HTML will provide the crawler structured info like a title, description, and thumbnail image for the content.

All Open Graph tags are generated automatically just like meta title and meta description.

Actually, it inherits from these meta tags. The og:title is the meta title, og:description is the meta description.

Slim SEO supports the following Open Graph tags:

og:titleTitle: inherits from meta title.
og:typeType: article if on a singular pages/posts, website on other pages.
og:imageImage: URL of the featured image. Only available for singular pages/posts.
og:image:widthImage width: width of the featured image.
og:image:heightImage height: width of the featured image.
og:image:altImage alt text: alt text of the featured image.
og:descriptionDescription: inherits from meta description.
og:urlURL: permalink of the singular posts/pages.
og:localeLocale: get from WordPress's settings.
og:site_nameSite name: get from WordPress's settings.
article:published_timeArticle published time: get from post's published time. Only available for singular pages/posts.
article:modified_timeArticle modified time: get from post's modified time. Only available for singular pages/posts.
og:updated_timeArticle updated time: same as article modified time.
article:sectionArticle section: post category (the first one).
article:tagArticle tags: post tags.

See list of all available Open Graph tags supported by Facebook.

How to change the image when sharing on Facebook?

By default, Slim SEO uses the featured image as the thumbnail when sharing a single post/page/term on Facebook.

However, if the featured image is not optimized for Facebook (for example, the size is not correct), then you might want to use another image. To do that, simply select another image in the Search Engine Optimization meta box, below the content:

Change the image when sharing on Facebook

The recommended size for image when sharing on Facebook is 1200x630 pixels (1.91:1 ratio).

Homepage settings

If you set your homepage as a static page, then the plugin treats it like a normal page. SEO settings for the homepage won't be available in the plugin settings (Settings > Slim SEO). Instead, they will be available below the editor when you edit the homepage.

My image doesn't appear on Facebook

Please use the Facebook Debugger to check whether the image is set correctly.

Also please note that Facebook only supports images with format jpeg, gif, or png. If you're using a plugin to auto converts images to WebP, then this format will not work.

Default social sharing image

When there's no image is specified in the Search Engine Optimization meta box above, and the post doesn't have a featured image, then the plugin will use the default sharing image, which is set in the Settings > Slim SEO > Social.

Default social sharing image

How to add/remove an Open Graph tag

If you want to remove an Open Graph tag from the list, please use the following snippet:

add_filter( 'slim_seo_open_graph_tags', function( $tags ) {
return array_diff( $tags, ['article:published_time', 'article:modified_time'] );
} );

The snippet above removes the article:publish_time and article:modified_time tags. You can add it to your theme's functions.php or use the Code Snippets plugin to run it.

How to change value of an Open Graph tag

To change the value of an open graph tag (for example og:type) for a specific post, use the following snippet:

add_filter( 'slim_seo_open_graph_type', function( $value, $tag ) {
if ( is_post( 123 ) ) {
$value = 'product';
return $value;
}, 10, 2 );

The filter name is slim_seo_open_graph_{$tag_name}, where the tag name strips og: and replaces : with _ in the tag. For example: title for og:title and article_section for article:section.

How to add custom Open Graph tag

Please use the following snippet:

add_action( 'wp_head', function() {
if ( is_post( 123 ) ) {
echo '<meta property="tag_name" content="tag_value">';
} );